Dr Wow for business

Our performance can make different and unforgettable a business event, anniversary, ecological picnic, banquet. We will make more attract a Children's Day, St Nicolas, Christmas or other party. We will gladly co-create any special event, Days of the Earth, ecological picnic or summer promotional tours. A script for any occasion we will prepare taking into account the needs and requirements of the client. This individual approach makes our show original, unique and having elements destinated for the actual occasion. Our show is also a perfect way to accompany a promotion, a conference or a meeting, new product introduction or presentation, opening of a new shop, etc. Just to give some examples, it could be a ecological show with water as "main character" in a family picnic, show of experiments for children, or serving crazy, unforgettable drinks for the banquets and parties. We have participated in some completely unusual events, like Opening of Farmacy of Imagination at the Museum of Toys and Joy in Kielce or a Special Halloween show at Academy for Active and Creative. We are looking forward to do some event for you and to make it more interesting and exceptional.