The true story of dr Wow

Inspirational story of dr WOW

Dr Wow came to live as an effect of our investigations as parents. We had been looking for places and ideas that could stimulate the development of our children, let their talents wake up, make them learn with ease and joy, discover the world with a scent of adventure and fun. And so dr Wow was created, a scientist that loves experiments and during the show passes his passion on to the children. A passion that he shows in a very effective at their age method ? teaching with fun and experiments. Dr Wow gives a great mix of magical and scientific shows for children. Through experiments, given in a friendly and approachable way, discovers for them a wider knowledge of the world they live in, including scientific, chemical and physical phenomenon. It let them see for themselves the facts that normally they learn only via books or lectures.

Dr Wow?s performances are not only exciting but also inspiring. Kids are fascinated by spectacular experiments and wake up their natural interests and curiosity. These are real shows filled up with magic, fun, cries of astonishment and wonder.

The performance is dynamic and full of energy. The spectators play active roles, react spontaneously and have great time till the very end. It is not for nothing that we are called Dr Wow! ? Children observe the experiments breathlessly, and the emotions ?painted? on their faces and their cheers are for us additional motivation.

Our aim is getting knowledge through fun because - as we know by experience ? it is the best way to get interest and stimulate the young people to thirst for knowledge.

The performances of dr Wow are created by people with passion ? to share the passion with others. Creative experiments based on chemistry, physics, biology and ecology develop imagination of the young spectators and are perfect help to understand more and discover the surrounding world. We are convinced and we can see it among children participating in our performences that the world they discover together with dr Wow enriches their knowledge and understanding of the natural phenomena that happen around them every day. The contact with dr Wow encourages children to creative thinking and develops ability and desire to ask more difficult questions, look for the answers and new solutions. It also raises curiosity, makes children realize that learning can be enjoyable, exciting and extraordinary.

What can we do together

We offer science performances in the form of extra-curriculum classes. We may also fit the performances and shows to individual needs and situations. In such cases we prepare the script of the performance taking into account your needs. This individual attitude makes our show original and unique, including elements of the current needs and requests.

Performances are given in a form of a science show in schools, kindergardens, children and youth clubs, during the events. Outdoor and indoor. We organize attractive shows for Children?s Day, birthdays, St Nicolas Day, Halloween, and other events. We adjust the show to particular conditions, requests and budget.